My final work 2018: From the tree to the furniture (Arne)

My final work 2018: From the tree to the furniture (Arne)

The high-school graduates from the TI are busy with their final works – on one hand, they have to realize a concrete project in the workshops and on the other hand, they shall write an exposition about the ongoing process of their work. They summarized and presented their result in English. Here you find some really interesting examples…

1. Outline

Iwill start with the planning of my project. Then I will talk about the technical plans that I made on my PC. After the plans I will talk about the preparation. After that I will talk about one of the most important chapters, the safety at work. After the safety hints we start with the working progress. In that part I will show and explain to you the most important machines. At the end, I will try to respond to all your questions about this presentation or my final work.

2. Planning of my project

Let’s start with the planning. It wasn’t very easy to find a project to build. I wanted to build something very special and original, it needs to be a combination about modern lines and the natural texture of massive oak wood. At the end I decided to build a bathroom cabinet.

Before I could start to build my cabinet, I needed to make technical plans on my PC. I made the plans with a program named “SOBO-CAD”. 

3. Preparation of the building

Building a cabinet means a lot of preparation work. I needed to order the wood, the joining means, the furniture fittings, the varnish and a lot of other little stuff.

It’s important that every woodworker works in a safe and clean way. In the workshop I always wear my safety shoes and noise protection. If I want to work safe and clean, I need to keep my workspace clean.

The first step of the building process is buying the wood.

4. In the workshop

After that I can start with the work in the workshop. I use a lot of machines like the circular saw, the planer and the grinding machine.

To finish my project, I use “Osmo Hardwax-Oil”.

Arne, 6HT

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