Lockdown-Tagebuch: 14. April (Lockdown in China)

Lockdown-Tagebuch: 14. April (Lockdown in China)

Unsere Schulgemeinschaft ist groß: SchülerInnen, LehrerInnen, Ehemalige und auch ehemalige AustauschschülerInnen beteiligen sich an unserer Aktion. Heute könnt ihr den Bericht unserer ehemaligen Austauschschülerin Melon lesen. Wie erlebt sie den Lockdown in China?

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I am Cui Jia, and you can also call me Melon.  I’m a 19 year-old girl living in Cangzhou, Hebei province.

Lockdown in China began on 25th January, which is exactly the New Year’s Day in the lunar calendar. If there was no lockdown, my relatives would have come to visit us, and we would have had a family gathering. But we had bad luck.

At the beginning, we got a card for every family so that we could have one person going out of the house to buy groceries with it. Later, we could go outside by scanning a QR code on our phone. And now, stores and restaurants are open again, but I still can’t go back to university. I am not sure whether we are really in the state of lockdown or not, because everybody still avoids going out and gathering.

I began to make plans for everything I could do during a day.  I haven’t had too much schoolwork since I am a freshman at university. Here are the things I do to kill time.

  • I started to read a lot.  I read four books during quarantine. There is no need to emphasize the importance of reading. Because we all have to stay at home for a long time and there aren’t many things to do, reading is a good choice.
  • Never forget to exercise ! There is a game named Just Dance, which is a somatosensory game and you can dance to the music following the movements on the screen. It helps you keep fit at home. I used to be a bad dancer, but now at least I do much better.
  • No matter what problems are in your life, you always have Netflix! I am just kidding. But watching Netflix series is so much fun. I watched sex education season 2 and ELITE season 3.
  • I made a list of my favorite songs ,I play them and sing to them as if I was holding a concert. I get my microphone, and dress myself up like a singer. I also cover a few songs.

Learn new skills! I learned how to bake and cook. And I learn a little French, too. I have to confess that conjugation drives me crazy! It’s so complicated! Despite that, online classes help me a lot.